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Childcare Facility Lead Paint Inspections

Who Need’s a Child Occupied Facility Lead Paint Risk Assessment ?

The state of Michigan has very specific guidelines for child occupied facilities. 

  • Lead Hazard Risk Assessment

    Before an original provisional license may be issued for a center located in a building constructed prior to 1978, the center applicant must submit a lead hazard risk assessment report indicating the proposed child use space, including outdoor play areas, is safe. Centers licensed before December 7, 2006 located in a building constructed prior to 1978 have until January 2, 2017 to obtain a lead hazard risk assessment and make any necessary corrections. The Lead Hazard Risk Assessment Summary (BCAL-4344) form must be included with the lead hazard risk assessment to document compliance with this rule.

  • Playground Inspections

    If a playground is on the premises of a child care center, it must comply with licensing rules 400.8170(11). Compliance is usually determined by having a playground inspection.

How ETC Can Help!

ETC has been performing lead paint inspections for nearly 30 years. We’ve been trusted by countless childcare facilities, numerous hospitals and municipalities, and the State of Michigan itself to provide accurate analytical testing of lead paint.  We can help you and your management team make sense of what the state is asking of you. Explain the in’s and outs and offer comprehensive solutions for reasonable rates.   At ETC we’re dedicated to offering solutions to problems. We don’t simply test for lead and leave you with a report. Our detailed analysis including maps and a break down of hazards can help you understand what your next steps are, as well as help you communicate with those who might be involved in any fixes or renovations.  

What You Can Expect from a Lead Paint Risk Assessment

 The state has made a handy sheet of guidelines for homeowners, regarding lead risk assessments. Luckily, nearly everything that holds true for home owners also applies to child occupied facilities.  

Learn more directly from the state here!

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