CLEARcorps and Detroit Lead Paint Inspections 

Since 2010  the Detroit Property Maintenence Code has made it mandatory for owners of rental properties built before 1978 to undergo lead inspections every few years. This is news to many landlords. CLEARcorps has been tasked with getting landlords who are unaware of the law or noncompliant up to code, by sending out notices. 

Lead in paint is one of the largest sources of lead poisoning, causing a variety of health issues.   Fertility damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure in adults, and behavior /learning disabilities in children.  The threat is so prevalent that in 2004  over 6% of children tested for lead exposure by the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness tested positive for lead exposure. 

If you own rental properties in Detroit, built before 1978, or received a notice from CLEARcorps about needing a lead risk assessment or lead clearance, you can find more information about the lead ordinance here. 

In order for the rental property to be occupied in the City of Detroit, the owner must have a Certificate of Rental Registration and a Certificate of Compliance. Neither of which can be obtained without a Lead Clearance.   Inspections are generally required before the lead clearance as most homes in the city are old enough that they will likely have lead hazards of some sort. 

If a property is being rented without the proper clearance, financial penalties can be steep. Fee’s range anywhere from $500 – $8,000 depending on the size of the property. These fines are additional to those that simply not having a certificate of compliance. 

All Landlords are liable to be held responsible for the lead in their rental properties under State, local and federal laws. National laws require landlords to disclose all known lead hazards to tenants even if the hazards have been abated or controlled.