What is the Lead Paint Ordinance?

Since 2010, the City of Detroit Lead Ordinance requires a “lead clearance inspection”, but in order to make that clearance successful property owners must first obtain a lead inspection and risk assessment- commonly referred to together as a “lead combination” 

The Detroit City Code Chapter 9, Article 1, Division 3 requires the following:
a. Owners of rental property built before 1978 in the City of Detroit must have a lead inspection and risk ssessment performed to determine the presence of
lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards
b. If lead based paint hazards exist, the hazards must be reduced or controlled
using interim controls [short-term fixes] and/or abatement [long-term solutions] prior to a tenant occupying the rental property
c. After interim controls and/or abatement activities are performed by properly trained and
certified individuals, the owner must obtain a lead clearance inspection. Owners must obtain this lead clearance in order to receive a Certificate of Compliance and Rental Registration from the City of Detroit.

What is the Lead Combo Inspection?

So what is a “lead combination”? This on-site investigation by our certified technician will determine all lead hazards on the property- including those in  damaged paint, household dust, and soil- and will include a thorough examination of all painted surfaces on the property, testing each surface for lead with a portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer.

If there are hazards found during this process, they must be repaired by following the recommendations in the lead combination report. Only after these required repairs are performed can a lead clearance be conducted! In order to make sure the lead clearance is as successful as possible, it should take place within six months of the original lead combination.

Here’s what you always receive from ETC when you use us for your inspection services:

  • Site visit by ETC’s licensed lead inspector/risk assessor at your rental property
  • Complete XRF analysis of all painted surfaces at your rental property (inside and out)
  • Up to fifteen (15) lead dust wipes collected from the most important rooms in the dwelling (per unit)
  • Up to four (4) samples of bare soil areas on the rental property (per unit)
  • Nationally recognized analysis of all the samples collected above
  • Fully digital report that spells out any hazards on the property, multiple repair options for each hazard, and includes the required City of Detroit “Lead Activity” form for your specific property

What does ETC offer in it’s ‘FULL COMPLIANCE’ package?

 This holiday season we’re offering bonus services as part of our special holiday offer- an extra $300 value!

  • A pre-inspection consultation from one of ETC’s licensed lead professionals, to help identify trouble spots before the actual lead inspection services get underway
  • Our easy-to-follow lead-safe housing guide that helps you prepare the rental property for lead services
  • Access to a special workshop in Detroit following your lead combination that will show you tips and tricks to make compliance easier, with answers provided specifically for your property