The Detroit Ordinance requires property owners to be compliant with rental home lead testing rules.  The rules are confusing and complicated, but don't worry! ETC is here to help.  The goal of the ordinance is to improve public health and safety for Detroit's residents and at ETC that's our mission too.   We know lead safety is important, but we also understand the costs involved and the challenges you face.  So, we're here to help you make sense of the rules, provide recommendations on how you can reach compliance, and most importantly- make sure you get the most for your time, money and energy.

ETC has helped property owners like you fulfill compliance requirement by offering not only lead inspections but training, and consulting as well. We ask the important questions to find out what your particular needs are,  enabling you to spend where you have to - and save money where you can.

Let ETC help you find the right solution for your property, and f you’ll discover why thousands of property owners trust ETC with their compliance needs!

While Environmental Testing and Consulting has three different locations to serve all of Michigan, we do have a Detroit branch. Our Detroit branch has an exceptional level of expertise when it comes to the Detroit Lead Paint Ordinance, and can help you get into compliance, without sacrificing your bottom line.