ETC Goes Green!

Sustainability Efforts

At ETC the Environment is, of course, important to us.  As our business grows and expands, so too does the responsibility to strive for sustainability.  At ETC we are committed to reducing our footprint on the environment as much as possible.  As we continue to grow, we learn new ways to utilize paper free systems and do our best to cut energy use.

“Our foundation is built on our core values. We use these to guide our all of our actions: At ETC we strive to protect the environment and enrich our communities, promote safety as dictated by federal and state standards, and always conduct our business in an ethical manner."


While ETC does what we can to help our sustainability, we know we’re far from perfect. While we’re making strides towards becoming a better company, we have big plans and are working on making those plans reality.

Some of our Goals are as follows :

  • We’d love to become entirely paperless! We’re in the middle of creating software specific for us that allows our field technicians and clerical staff to seamlessly integrate with one another. This doesn’t just save on paper, but it will without a doubt increase our attention to detail.
  • We’re looking to perhaps branch out into some fleet vehicles. Ideally, we’d love to have a fleet of clean running automobiles!
  • At ETC we’re always looking for ways to increase our volunteerism! We had a few events this year and by 2020 hope to have a Volunteer event every quarter!

Recycling Efforts!

  • We Strive to use recycled paper products whenever possible, with a goal to use at least 10% recycled paper in 100% of our applications!
  • We try to recycle all of our paper products!
  • 100% of cans and bottles are recycled.
  • All non-essential printed pages are utilized again before being recycled!
  • We use and re-use packing materials!
  • We print promotional materials and Capability statements in postcard size, double-sided to save paper!

Giving old Tech new life!

ETC utilizes used computing hardware left over from University settings!

Office chairs and Desks

We always seek out gently used and recycled desks, chairs, and other clerical hardware before purchasing new!  So much usable furniture goes to waste!

Even our Corporate Offices are Recycled! 

ETC Romulus makes it’s home in an old Bank building! Instead of building from the ground up, we revitalize old buildings in Romulus, Detroit, and Lansing!

Reducing Waste

At ETC we take countless steps towards our sustainability goals every day, but where we really feel we make the most difference is with our conservation efforts. In the past few years we’ve changed how we do business, implementing new technologies.

As we hire new, young employee’s we find safety and sustainability is something we find our Millennial employees are passionate about.

We’ve made strides to attract more of these young employee’s by accomplishing the following :

  • Our main product is the reports we generate for Consulting, Analytical testing, and other services.  These reports generally can be between 50 to 1000 pages in length.  ETC save’s on paper by offering our clients all digital copies of these reports. This saves hundreds of thousands of pages a month! (ETC only prints paper copies at clients request!)
  • ETC has recently gone through an energy audit at our Romulus,MI location, and now our lighting is provided by LED lights!
  • ETC’s Training program is in the midst of converting class materials to an entirely digital format, again saving a profound amount of paper.
  • ETC has an electronic invoicing system to save on paper.
  • Sampling waste is disposed of at a specialized facility.
  • All files are backed up on a digital archive, so that there is never a paper copy of reports printed unless by client request.


Aside from our culture of diversity and inclusiveness, ETC is certified with many Certifications to help you and your organization meet Diversity requirements simply by doing business with us!

  • General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule #GS00F222GA
  • Woman Business Enterprise National Certification (WBENC) WBE 1800703
  • Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Business (EDWOSB) – Federal
  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) – Federal
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE) – Federal
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) – Federal
  • Detroit Based Business (DBB)
  • Detroit Small Business (DSM)
  • Detroit Woman Business Enterprise (DWBE)
  • State of Michigan Business Certification
  • Section 3 Business Concern (HUD)
  • Certificate of Good Standing (MDLEG)
  • WCAA Small Business Enterprise SBE (13-0011)
  • Targeted Growth Community Enterprise TGE (Wayne County)
  • County Based Enterprise CBE (Wayne County)
  • Minority/Women Business Enterprise MWBE (Wayne County)
  • Fair Employment Practices FEP (Wayne County)
  • Small Business Enterprise SBE (Wayne County)
  • NVLAP Accreditation for Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis (Lab code#201028-0)
  • AIHA EMLAP Mold Accreditation (Lab ID#211830)
  • California Accreditation for Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis & Mold
  • Texas NVLAP Accreditation for Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis (Lic. #300451) & Mold
  • West Virginia NVLAP Accreditation for Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis (Lic. #LB000083) & Molda
  • State of Michigan Licensed Asbestos Training Facility – MiOSHA
  • State of Michigan Licensed Lead Training Facility – LARA

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) – MDOT

  • Almost half of ETC’s upper management is comprised of women.
  • ETC has a longstanding history of hiring women and minorities in science industry: From Procurement, HR, Clerical, Field, Field Management, Due Diligence, Quality Assurance, Web, Marketing and more!

ETC is a certified Woman Owned Business! 

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