OSHA Compliance

Whenever there are hazards present, OSHA requires employers to demonstrate that their employees do not have unreasonable exposure. Some of these exposures can be addressed by exposure monitoring as discussed under NEAs.

Other hazards require an on-site visit to determine whether the hazards are being properly addressed. ETC is often contracted to conduct “mock” OSHA audits of both construction sites and / or work places. When conducting these reviews, ETC exams potential hazards that OSHA might cite for including:

  • Documentations and Training
  • Competent Person Review
  • Job Safety Analysis Documentation
  • Fall Hazards
  • Equipment Violations
  • Personnel Protective Equipment

  • Confined Space Issues
  • HAZCOM Violations
  • Electrical Concerns
  • Fire Safety
  • Equipment Violations
  • …and many more

Having ETC conduct these “mock” OSHA audits allows a contractor, builder, manufacturing plant, service industry, etc. to determine if hazards are present on the job without any chance of OSHA fines or citations.

If any hazards or deficiencies are found, ETC is ready to work with the owner in developing safety procedures and / or full safety manuals that will address the concerns and help them become OSHA compliant.


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