At Environmental Testing & Consulting, Inc. (ETC)

We focus on delivering superior quality work in a timely manner that meets each client’s individual needs.

ETC is committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.

At ETC we:
  • Strive to provide excellence in all we do to meet and exceed our client expectations.
  • Keep updated on all regulations and laws and comply with these standards to meet client needs.
  • Train staff in the needs and responsibilities of the Quality Management System to ensure that the importance of meeting and exceeding customer requirements is communicated and understood throughout the organization.
  • Continuously expand our services and professional knowledge in the ever growing and ever changing environmental field to meet our client’s current and future needs.
At ETC we are serious about the quality of our work and the professional standards we uphold. Our commitment to satisfy and exceed the expectations of all our clients is evident through our Quality Manual and other guidance documents, policies, and procedures.
ETC Group Company Profile