Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor – Refresher

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This EPA/State of Michigan accreditation course is required for all asbestos abatement supervisors on an annual basis to maintain certification.

This one-day course refreshes attendees on the detailed requirements for maintaining regulatory compliance and worker safety during asbestos abatement, including historic uses of asbestos, health effects, asbestos removal and containment methods, cleaning up after asbestos projects, personnel protective equipment & respirator use, employee decontamination, and proper waste disposal.

Additionally, this course will assist supervisors in keeping up with the current changes within the industry and new requirements from federal or state regulations. Michigan asbestos regulations require the presence of at least one Asbestos Abatement Supervisor for the performance of all asbestos removal activities. Upon completion of this course, workers must submit certificate and fees to the State of Michigan to continue their State certification as asbestos abatement supervisors.


As per Michigan Public Act 135, outside contractors and their employees who engage in the removal of asbestos from buildings must first become a licensed asbestos abatement worker or supervisor, and work for a licensed asbestos abatement contractor (company). While the required applications and exam are provided during the training course, the fees for this licensing are not included in the cost of the training course.Download link's provided will expire within a few days, but if you miss the opportunity to download, they will be provided in class.

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